Working from Home – The Essentials

Posted on: Feb 24, 2016


the perfect desk
The perfect desk (may not be this tidy IRL)

What has working from home taught me? That there are some items that are absolutely essential to any homeworker’s arsenal. Read about them now:

Clothes that don’t make you feel depressed

Be honest, are those saggy grey joggers with a hole in the crotch really putting you in the best mood to work? I’ll admit, when I first started working from home full-time the novelty of not having a dress code resulted in some truly awful sartorial choices. The kind that makes you reluctant to answer the doorbell. Now I have two simple rules for my work wardrobe – no sweatshirts, no jogging bottoms. This leaves me free to sport any item from my extensive knitwear collection, but I still feel like I’ve actually got dressed.

A pet/other companion

It doesn’t have to be a living thing, sometimes even having the radio on is enough to stave off the cabin fever. Having a dog or cat is great when you’re at home on your own all day – dogs probably have the edge as they require you to go outside for daily walks. Cats are lower maintenance but more likely to believe that your keyboard is an acceptable place to sit.

A big-ass glass of water

Don’t get me wrong, a mug of tea several times a day is non-negotiable, but having a glass on your desk to keep refilled with water is also a must. It reminds you to keep hydrated throughout the day, which also encourages regular wee breaks, which are a good excuse to get up and have a stretch. Otherwise you can find you haven’t moved for several hours and you have a headache and desiccated tongue. Not nice.

Budget temperature control

I don’t mean a fancy air-conditioning unit, just a way of controlling the temperature that doesn’t require you to get up and change clothes and ruin your flow if you suddenly get cold (and let’s face it, at this time of year you’re more likely to get too cold than too hot). I’m really prone to cold hands so I have some sexy fingerless gloves to pop on that still enable me to type, or if things can really bad there’s a blanket nearby I can throw over my legs (bonus points for being a thirty-something grandma). If you’re not one of those people that feels the cold, lucky you, you have no need for such geriatric accessories.

A lovely plant

Plants look nice on your desk and they filter your disgusting CO2-filled expirations.

The Outside World

The Outside World is a hugely underrated place and can soon be neglected if you have no need to venture into it. This is bad. If you’re working from home, on your own, you must go into the Outside World regularly. Otherwise you risk becoming weird and hermit-like and unable to communicate with other humans apart from on Facebook. 

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