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Posted on: Apr 06, 2016

There are approximately 4 kajillion articles online about how to make your home office into your ‘dream space’. But as most freelancers know, when you’re starting out you don’t have a lot of spare cash to fritter away making the spare room look like a Scandinavian log cabin.

To start with I worked on a laptop on the kitchen table, then when we moved from a flat to a house I upgraded to a fuck-off big PC with two monitors (so worth the investment) for the new home office. The luxury of having a whole room dedicated to working from home was amazing. As luck would have it, one of my colleagues was looking to get rid of some unwanted furniture at the time, so I bought a lovely wooden desk and shelving unit for a steal.

But the other day I realised that between my lovely but massive wooden desk and The Other Half’s lovely but massive glass desk, we had precious little floor space in which to rotate a hamster, let alone swing a cat. Here is photographic proof of the previous set up – notice that neither of us could actually tuck our chairs under our desks, or lean back thoughtfully in a Don Draper style without hitting the other person. Which was a shame.

bad home office layout
Old office layout - functional but cramped. Even the plant looks sad.

So the other day I snapped and drove to Ikea in rush hour on a Thursday evening to buy two new desks. I had decided that my first anniversary of being a full-time freelancer was the perfect time to revamp the home office and that was it, I was a woman obsessed! I dismantled our two massive desks on Friday night and was building the new ones at 8am on Saturday morning.

40 screws and one blister later (are 5 screws per leg strictly necessary, Ikea?) and the room was transformed. In real terms we only shaved 25cm off the depth of our workspaces, but it feels like so much more. We can tuck our chairs under our desks! We can swing a cat to our heart’s content (should we want to risk extensive lacerations and a visit from the RSPCA)!

good home office layout
New office layout - still functional but with so much more space


new tidy desk home office
Smaller desk: still fits two monitors and, more importantly, sweets

All of which goes to prove that space is the ultimate luxury when it comes to working from home, and if there is a cost-effective way to improve the room you’re working in, don't hesitate! The new Ikea desks cost £24 each and were worth every penny.

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