Useful Links for Creative Freelancers

Posted on: May 25, 2016

Useful links for creative freelancersAh, the internet. Faithful friend and ally to the work-from-home freelancer! Supplier of endless entertainment and distraction for the chronic procrastinator! Source of tutorials, tips and TED talks!

I’m sure, like me, you have your favourite online resources that you return to again and again. I thought it would be a good exercise for me to share links to websites I’ve found useful over the years*. Some of them are specifically for creative people, some will be useful to anyone who’s self-employed or owns a small business. I’d love it if you would also share your pet pages in the comments section. Here they are in the order I thought of them. Enjoy!

Font Squirrel

A fantastic resource for fonts. I love this site as it has a friendly interface and it’s easy to browse the categories. There are loads of dodgy ‘free font’ sites out there that will install files on your PC (namely annoying browser plug ins that no-one needs or wants) but I’ve had no problems with Font Squirrel. The majority of fonts on here are free, but there are a few that require you to purchases a license, in which case it will take you offsite.

Design Seeds

Jess from Female Business Hub (see below) recommended Design Seeds to me – basically a website full of gorgeous colour palettes taken from a huge variety of photographs. Will inspire even the most jaded designer. Note – this site only provides the hex value of the colours.

Adobe Colour (formerly known as Kuler which I think is a much cooler name. Or should I say kuler…)

Like Design Seeds, this is a colour palette resource, but more interactive. You can browse colour themes uploaded by users or create your own, with a variety of options such as ‘complementary’ or ‘shades’. The colour wheel tool is intuitive to use, and you get both hex and RGB values.

Pixaby and Pexels

Two sites for free stock photos that I’ve been impressed with – good quality images and good search functions.


To give it it’s full name, ‘The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed’. I’m amazed by how many freelancers have never heard of it, but it’s worth checking out their site. I’m not a member but I am going to a (free) event in London soon for National Freelancers Day. I will report back!

The Freelance Lifestyle

I came across The Freelance Lifestyle quite recently, but have found the Facebook group to be a great source of advice and support. Run by Emma Ward who has a genuine, no-nonsense approach that I appreciate (unsurprisingly, she's also a life coach!) 

Female Business Hub

Another great source of advice and support. FBH has a variety of resources, including a website, blog, Facebook page and private Facebook group. Jess and Janine are the grown-up business sisters you need in your life! - Working for Yourself

Don’t just see the government as The Man, out to squash your small business dreams and squeeze every last penny of tax out of you. Make the most of their resources, after all you're indirectly paying for them! They have a lot of useful articles online, and I found them very helpful to speak to on the phone when I was first starting out and didn’t know what the hell I was doing. If you’re looking for information on tax and the legal aspects of setting up a business, you might as well get it from the horse’s mouth.

Do you have a stash of useful websites you use regularly? Share them with me in the comments section or tweet me @MishAbrahall

*Disclaimer – these are not affiliate links (I wish my blog was that popular!), just a list of resources that I think will be useful for fellow freelancers.

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