5 Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made

Posted on: Jul 07, 2016

Being self-employed can feel like a hamster-wheel of decision making. How much work can I fit in this week? Should I say no to that project that doesn’t really match my skill set? Is it time to hire an accountant? Sometimes there is no easy answer, you just have to weigh up the pros and cons or failing that, go with your gut.

So it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot of practice in decision-making. I was thinking this morning about the big decisions I’ve made in my 35 years on this planet, and decided (see, there I go again!) that these five were the best ones I've made so far:

1 – Saying yes to a drink 

Picture the scene – a dark, sticky-floored Student Union. Some manner of emo-rock is blasting from the speakers onto the mostly empty dance floor. Welcome to Rock Night, Loughborough University, 2004. Our heroine (me) is approached by a tall, dark, handsome stranger (well, I assumed he was handsome, to be honest I'd had a few shandies by this point and as I mentioned, it was dark in there. In any case he had a Good Vibe.). He asks me if I want a drink. ‘Jack and Coke’, I reply, cos I’m so bloody cool. 12 years later, we’re still togevver. See decision 2…

2 – Buying a flat

The other half (from the heart-warming story above) and I bought a flat as soon as we possibly could after graduating (which I appreciate is nigh-on impossible these days – we benefitted hugely from a now-defunct 100% ‘Graduate’ mortgage). Biggest financial decision of our young lives, but so glad we did it. We’ve since upgraded to a house, and there’s comfort in knowing that if everything goes tits-up, we could always sell it and live in a caravan.

3 – Quitting my job(s)

I’ve crunched the numbers and over the years I’ve left eleven jobs. 11! This includes a couple of holiday jobs but still, blimey. I don’t regret quitting any of them, if anything I should have left some of them a lot quicker than I did (particularly during what I like to call my Post-Uni Purgatory). The plan now, of course, is to never have to do that again.

4 – Adopting a cat

There’s not a day goes by when I survey my scratched, toy-strewn, hair-covered sofa and regret adopting a cat. No, really, it was a good decision. Nibbles (most appropriate moniker ever) makes us laugh every day with his twattish antics and deadpan expression, and his fur is literally the softest thing you’ll ever touch. Plus he greets us when we come home like some kind of confused dog.

5 – Getting a fringe

This was a big one. I was hesitant at first. But then I thought, no guts, no glory (just like the bomb diffuser guy from Die Hard 3). Fringes are great cos they cover like, a third of your face (best anti-wrinkle/anti-acne treatment ever!) plus they make it look like you’ve made an effort.

So anytime I struggle to make a decision, I’m going to look back at this list and think, come on, you’ve got this!

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