Collaboration Case Study: Greetings Cards

Posted on: Sep 09, 2016

I’ve been working on a really fun project recently, with Helen Sutton from Paper Personalities, who creates hand-made greetings cards. Helen had been making small batches of greetings cards and selling them in local shops, but wanted to widen the reach and potential of the business.

A mutual friend introduced us, we met for coffee and got on brilliantly. Helen showed me her hand-made cards, which were gorgeous but fiddly to make, with lots of elements to cut out and stick on, and it was taking her ages to make each one. It wasn’t a practical way of working if she wanted to expand and increase her product line. She needed someone to take her designs and put them in a digital format, so she could get the base design printed with a standard reverse, and then hand-finish them with glitter and other finishing touches. I had to admit I hadn’t done anything like this before, but went away to do a test run of ‘digitizing’ Helen’s designs.

Good luck card handmade
L - scan of the original hand-made card
R - printed digitized card, hand-finished with glitter

A few months later and I’ve digitized 4 card ranges - 66 designs so far. It’s been really fun recreating the designs, trying out different effects to make elements appear stuck on the card, playing around with different fonts and figuring out how to recreate glitter and shiny patterns in 2D.

Happy Birthday Mum handmade card
Example of a print-ready file, showing front and reverse of greeting card

Greetings card designs
Selection of printed hand-finished greeting cards

I met with Helen this week and she showed me the print samples, which we were both delighted with. Now she’s working with an agent, so keep an eye out for her cards in a shop near you soon!

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