Freelancing Brownie Points

Posted on: Oct 06, 2016
Freelancing Brownie Points

If you’ve read any of my blogs about freelancing, you’ll know I’m a fan of setting yourself targets and goals, but also taking time to celebrate the small victories in life. Self-employment can be hard, and while it’s easy to get excited about a big project or opportunity, sometimes we need to inject a bit of excitement and encouragement into the day to day stuff, too.

So combining the ‘targets’ idea with the ‘celebrate the small things’ idea, I’ve come up with Freelancing Brownie Points. Freelancing Brownie Points (or FBP as I’ve just decided to call them) can be awarded by yourself, to yourself, for those little things that make you a good freelancer, to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Here’s some examples:

  • Go to a networking event: 5 FBP

  • Go to a networking event and manage to recall the name of at least 3 people: 7 FBP

  • Go to a networking event where you’re guaranteed not to know anyone: 10 FBP

  • Contact an old client you haven’t heard from in a while: 5 FBP

  • Contact an old client you haven’t heard from in a while by actually picking up the phone (the high FBP value reflects the fact I have terrible phone shyness!): 20 FBP

  • Say no to a job you know isn’t right for you: 10 FBP

  • Say no to a job you know isn’t right for you AND recommend another freelancer/small business you think would be perfect for it: 20 FBP

  • Retweet/share/like/follow/generally support another freelancer or small business on social media (go through your business card collection to make sure you're following all those new networking contacts):  5 FPB

  • Write a guest blog post about your area of expertise: 5 FBP

  • Meet a new contact for coffee: 5 FBP

  • Leave the house at lunchtime for some fresh air (or combine with above for a bonus 5 FBP!): 5 FBP   

  • See a calendar reminder for a piece of important but boring admin and DON'T ignore it: 5 FBP

  • Pitch for a piece of work that’s outside of your comfort zone but has the potential to be amazing: 10 FBP

You get the idea! If there’s any aspect of freelancing that you find challenging, boring or just plain scary, make sure you acknowledge yourself when you’ve achieved it, no matter how small or mundane it may seem. And let me know what kind of things you award yourselves FBP points for.

PS – I saw some very cute little star trophies in the cobblers the other day and I’m seriously considering getting myself a (somewhat tongue in cheek) 'employee of the year' one. They’re under a tenner to buy and engrave, and it would make me smile every time I look at it. Watch this space!

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