2016 - A Year in the Life of a Freelancer

Posted on: Dec 31, 2016

I often get asked ‘what kind of stuff do you do?’ and it always takes me a minute to recall what I’m actually working on at that moment. I’ve usually got a handful of projects on the go at any one time, at various stages of completion, along with my regular client work, and possibly some self-directed bits murmuring away in the background.

I guess what people are really asking is ‘what client work do you do?’ as the work of a freelancer is never limited to what I call ‘billable hours’. There’s networking, business development, advertising, and day to day admin and client communication.

As its New Year’s Eve I thought it would be a good time to review my schedule from 2016 and see how the year panned out. Over the last year my client work has included:

16 logos
21 leaflets/brochures/flyers
4 book cover designs
8 banners/large format signage
3 sets of icons
16 copywriting projects

I’ve also spent some time on personal development, visiting 3 exhibitions (including one of my favourites of all time, the Escher retrospective at Dulwich Picture Gallery) and completing a group coaching course with The Bird Table.

I wanted to create more video content in 2016, and I’ve made a good start with this, sharing 5 vlogs and creating 2 work in progress videos. I’ve also written 37 blogs for my own website and 3 guest blogs (Female Business Hub, My Accountant Friend and Grow Leamington).

Oh yeah, and I totally overhauled my website with the help of One Day Web!


what do I want to do more of in 2017?

-    More logos and branding work
-    More character illustrations
-    More self-directed projects
-    More gallery visits
-    More vlogs and WIP videos
-    More public speaking
-    More guest blogs

I hope you’ve had time to reflect on your past year and what you want to do more of in 2017. Whatever you’re up to this evening, have a fantastic New Year’s Eve (I’m still recovering from the nastiest flu I’ve ever had so probably won’t even make it to midnight!) and all the best for the new year.

a year in the life of a freelancer



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