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Posted on: Sep 12, 2017

Compton Verney is an award-winning art gallery 20 minutes down the road from me, so I’m struggling to come up with a reason why I haven’t been since college.

To be honest I’d forgotten it was even an art gallery, but I’d read a great write-up in Sunday Times Culture about The Art of Perception summer exhibition, so last weekend the other half and I met two friends there and made an afternoon of it.


Postcards from the Art of Perception exhibition


The draw for me was the Op art, but the exhibition also covered pattern and pointillism. There were pieces that played with your perception, and some which even make you feel dizzy (I’m looking at you, Bridget Riley).


Pieces that played with your perception and made you feel dizzy


It was fascinating seeing familiar artworks in real life, most of which were created before the advent of computer-aided design, making the incredibly crisp shapes achieved just with a paintbrush or screen print all the more impressive.

The exhibits were ambitious but perfectly executed (I recently tried screen printing myself so know how frustratingly it can be to get a neat edge). My friend and I stood in front of a huge painting by Peter Sedgely, in awe of how he painted such thin, perfectly circular lines. 


Ambitious but perfectly executed artwork


Photography was only allowed in one room, but luckily we had a very enthusiastic gallery assistant who not only explained to us the light installation we were looking at, but also insisted we have a couple of photos with us all lined up (‘one serious, then we’ll do a silly one’).


Our Spectral Vision_1


Our Spectral Vision_2


Of course they had to include a piece by our old fave Escher (always blows my mind), and a series of prints from the ‘Graphic Tectonic’ series by Josef Albers that were almost like calligraphy without the letters – plain but still really appealing (he was obsessed with squares).

We also had a quick mooch round the Chinese galleries, part of the permanent collection at the stately home. This little bronze bird caught my eye, I loved the simple shape.


Chinese gallery at Compton Verney

I’ll be keeping an eye on what’s coming up at Compton Verney and definitely won’t be leaving it as long until my next visit! If you want to catch the summer exhibition you need to be quick, it’s only on until the 1st October.


Compton Verney grounds


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