Hand-Painted Mural for Yoga Studio

Posted on: Sep 22, 2021

Picture the scene. You’ve just signed a lease on an empty unit that you’re going to use as a yoga studio.You have a HUGE blank window (4m wide by 142cm high to be precise) facing a street with lots of foot traffic.

What do you do? How about, hire a local illustrator and mural artist to totally transform it!

hand painted window muralThat’s what Sian at Little Light yoga studio in Cubbington did. She got in touch, told me what she had in mind, and I gave her a couple of options that fit her budget.

I asked Sian to show me some images on Pinterest of murals and colours she liked, and I created a design and colour palette inspired by these to complement the existing dark blue branding. The design was finalised after a couple of tweaks to the first concept, then it was time to install the mural.

We wanted the mural to be protected from the elements, so I painted on the inside of the window (adding a finishing touches and details to the outside).


Even while I was painting it, we had lots of passers-by stop and ask questions, which resulted in some class bookings straight away.

Sian was also kind enough to set up a time lapse video of the installation process, which we both shared on social media. This got a lot of attention!

Large-scale artworks like this are not only extremely eye-catching on location, but also online.

You can see the time lapse video of the mural below. You can see more of my mural designs here.


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