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1. VLOG – How Do Freelancers Find Clients?

...I’m sharing a new video blog – I’m starting to get the hang of them now! The topic for this week’s vlog is: how do freelancers find clients? I think this is probably the most Googled question amongst...

2. VLOG - How I Got Into Freelancing themselves talking about how they got into freelancing. The idea was to give people a nudge into vlogging and get them used to what is essentially talking to yourself!I gave it a go, as this is...

3. VLOG - Why Celebrate your Freelance Milestones?

...their fear of celebrating their freelance milestones and sharing their success... Check out more of my vlogs here

4. VLOG - Taking Holidays as a Freelancer clients be expecting me to be in touch while I'm away? What if I can't access my emails?In this vlog I talk about the things you consider before your summer break.

5. VLOG - Self-promotion Is Not a Dirty Word!

...wanted to make the most of the several minutes of daylight we have at this time of year to record a new vlog. In this one I talk about the main difference between being self-employed and being employed: the constant self-promotion! My advice? If you’re overly concerned with appearing humble, then freelancing probably isn’t the best option for you!

6. Vlog - Track Your Freelancing Progress with KPIs

...important for freelancers to track their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and, as I discuss in this vlog, they can be anything that matters to you and your business.

7. Vlog - Freelancing Beginner's Guide to Referrals

When you’re starting out in freelancing, there’s nothing more frustrating than people telling you they get all their business from referrals. Not helpful when you’re still trying to get your first client...

8. VLOG - Art in the Park 2017 Countdown!

This weekend I'll be exhibiting at Art in the Park for the first time, so I've made a little video showing the things I'll have on my stall and how to get your hands on a discount voucher for my Etsy shop! Click here for more of my videos!

9. VLOG - Freelancer Career Development: Training on a Budget

Freelancing offers many fantastic freedoms, but it’s fair to say that being self-employed lacks a structured career path, and by extension, a training and development plan.When you’re working for yourself...

10. 2016 - A Year in the Life of a Freelancer

...Table. I wanted to create more video content in 2016, and I’ve made a good start with this, sharing 5 vlogs and creating 2 work in progress videos. I’ve also written 37 blogs for my own website and 3...

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